24/7 IT Support

Unlimited phone support

Help from a real person is always available. Call our toll free line (1-888-244-1748) and you'll be in touch with your dedicated support representative whenever a computer related question comes up. Whether you are seeking desktop support or you have a server that is flashing a blue screen, you are just a call away from support.

Unlimited Remote Control Support

Save time and trouble by using our secure "remote control" software to invite Sage Information Systems to your office. Within seconds an Sage Information Systems technician has the ability to take control of your desktop and either through an online chat or a phone call you can walk a technician through your problem or question while you watch them work. Over 80% of support issues are resolved with a “remote session”.

Unlimited On-site support

Should you need onsite assistance, we will dispatch a technician to your location.

Emergency After hours support

We aren't called Sage Information Systems for nothing, we are working 24/7 to make sure your business is functioning when you are.

Service Availability Monitoring

We'll monitor the key services on your network to ensure their availability to your business. If something isn't working properly, we'll most likely know before you will.