CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Services

Clients enrolled in the Professional or Premium Network Management Plan will be assigned a dedicated Chief Technology Officer. Sage Information Systems’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Services give our clients access to highly experienced IT managers that are experts in applying small business technology to achieve business goals. Your CTO has the ultimate responsibility for making sure your small business is gaining as much value from Sage Information Systems as possibly by:

  • Acting your trusted business technology advisor and helping incorporate technology plans that support your overall business strategy and goals
  • Guiding your business technology decisions to ensure the best technology investment for your small business
  • Monitoring the overall performance of Sage Information Systems’s IT Support to ensure the highest levels of service for your small business

Scheduled CTO calls

You will have an opportunity to discuss strategic growth plans and additional ways that your business can maximize the use of technology to be successful.

Annual Technology Plan

Each year we'll work with you to forecast your hardware and software requirements and to establish a budget for new technology purchases and upgrades.