Online Asset Reporting

Sage Information Systems’s Desktop Management System allows comprehensive desktop lifecycle management and provides a real-time accurate account of hardware assets. Real-time queries and flexible reporting options make software license compliance tracking and upgrade planning simple.

Online Case Reporting

You'll have access to our online case management system, giving you complete visibility into the issues your employees are using Sage Information Systems to solve.

Intelligent Agent Desktop Optimization

Sage Information Systems’s 24/7 proactive desktop optimization cleans and maintains desktops without work interruption or decreased performance. Intelligent agent works when you’re not and ensures that you’re able to work when necessary. Daily antivirus signature checks, spyware scans and removal, and temp file deletion are all part of intelligent agent desktop optimization.

Event Log Monitoring

Sage Information Systems will proactively monitor your event logs to ensure that warnings and signs of trouble are handled prior to them affecting your network health. Through advanced web based monitoring tools Sage Information Systems engineers are alerted to critical issues as they occur.

Log File Maintenance

Depending on your business needs Sage Information Systems will determine the correct log maintenance schedule for your server. This process of maintaining your log files reduces your storage needs, increases your server performance and reduces the risk of downtime.

Drive Space Monitoring

Sage Information Systems monitors your drive space to assist each client with capacity planning to optimize your storage constraints. Through the use of this web based central console Sage Information Systems will notify you directly to either remove files or add additional storage prior to it adversely affecting your business.

MS Exchange Monitoring

You've invested in hosting MS Exchange in house and like most companies email is vital to your business. Sage Information Systems will actively manage your email ques to ensure both inbound and outbound mail is flowing properly. At the same time Sage Information Systems is monitoring your exchange services for responsiveness to ensure your mail is functioning. If you’re down, Sage Information Systems’s automated monitoring will have you back up and running within minutes. In the event this fails, Sage Information Systems has engineers on call to log in to your system and restore your mail (around the clock!).

Backup Monitoring and Administration

Your knowledge and history are one of your biggest assets. Sage Information Systems will assess your backup needs and make recommendations on how to best protect your business. Our managed service clients will have a robust backup regimen put in place and Sage Information Systems will monitor and maintain you backup on a daily basis. For our On Demand clients, Sage Information Systems will monitor to ensure that daily jobs are running and will monitor logs and investigate critical errors on an hourly basis. In the event of data loss, Sage Information Systems will be there to help restore your data and will ensure business continuity.

Quarterly Onsite Network Health Assessment

An engineer will make quarterly onsite visits to physically inspect and assess the overall health of your network. The inspection covers network elements that remote troubleshooting is unable to address including the physical network environment, hardware irregularities, and general hardware conditions. Quarterly onsite visits are a proactive element of our service that helps us prevent unexpected and costly hardware and network failures.