Technology Infrastructure Management

Your computers and networks need regular care to perform at their optimal level. Sage Information Systems monitors over 100 aspects of computer and network health on a daily basis. Having this information allows us to proactively maintain your systems before trouble starts.

Firewall Management

The creativity and persistence of malicious hackers requires that firewall management be an active process. We'll keep an eye on your firewall, as well as the latest security trends, and make sure you stay current.

VPN Management

A VPN creates a secure "tunnel" by which you can access your network remotely. Sage Information Systems can establish, manage, and support your firewall services for you.

Router Management

Sage Information Systems will ensure your router is configured properly to optimize network performance and ensure critical business systems run.

Asset Management

Sage Information Systems will work with you to review your corporate assets and develop a lifecycle plan for both software and hardware. This process will ensure that each member of your team is working with the right technology which will increase workforce productivity.