Sage Information Systems’s Total Data Protection™ Plan

It’s the only SMB Data Protection Plan backed by hands-on service from a leading SMB IT management team.

Your business data is too valuable to leave its safekeeping to chance. That’s why the team at Sage Information Systems has created the only data protection plan that exclusively meets the needs of small businesses, and is backed by our commitment to Remarkable Service™.

It’s the most complete data protection plan on the market.

Sage Information Systems’s Total Data Protection Plan™ includes:

  1. Local back up – automatic, reliable back up of all data and applications to a local NAS
  2. Quick Recovery™ Business Continuity Capability – the ability to recover the smallest files or entire servers within an hour
  3. Disaster Recovery Capability - offsite replication of data to two secure data centers


It’s the fastest, safest, and most reliable option on the market.

Are you still using unreliable tape backup systems?

Is one of your employees taking tapes home every once in a while to “protect” your business in case of a disaster?

Are you sure that all of your critical data is being backed up by your current backup process?

Are you paying for upgrades, new tapes, software agents, and ongoing maintenance of your current back up system?

Remove the risks of traditional backup systems from your business with the Sage Information Systems Total Data Protection™ Plan, and these and other issues will no longer be a factor for your business.