What Are Integrated Web Services?

Integrated web services are a comprehensive approach to web management, featuring Web Design, Content Management, Pay Per Click Search Management, Web Analytics & Reporting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This specifically designed program delivers:

  1. A responsive dedicated resource to manage your website and online marketing initiatives
  2. A better understanding of how visitors use your site
  3. Increased search engine visibility and overall web traffic
  4. Increasing overall lead generation and revenue
  5. Additional web expertise for your marketing team

Why Integrated Web Services?
Websites need to be more than just updated; they need to be “activated” to maximize the benefit to your organization. Your website should be your company’s “Salesman of the Century,” projecting a dynamic, vibrant, reliable, and professional image for your organization.

The web is one of the most powerful places for communicating with potential clients
and your website is your company’s sole representative. Within seconds, visitors
evaluate your business based exclusively on this virtual representation of your
company. Your website is a statement about your business; in today’s technology-
driven world, it practically is your business. More than ever, business owners are
turning to the web to evaluate products, services, and make business decisions.

How confident are you that your website will bring customers your way? More importantly, “Is your business getting measurable benefit from your website?”

Why Managed Services for Web Management?
In our experience, most marketing professionals are overburdened and under-resourced. In most cases, implementing web updates is not an effective use of a marketer’s time. Sage Information Systems’s Integrated Web Services gives your organization specific web expertise and proven performance results without the costly expense of hiring in-house web professionals. This model has been tested and proven. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and highly successful, particularly for under-resourced organizations. A successful website requires a constant eye and nurturing approach.

Sage Information Systems’s integrated web services relieve you of keeping up with the latest web strategies, maintaining tedious web updates, and dealing with unresponsive web developers. Most businesses’ websites are held hostage by IT departments and web developers, or are neglected completely. Sage Information Systems’s web services allow you to freely and easily update your site. More importantly, it enables you to move swiftly and take advantage of web opportunities without incurring additional monthly costs.